Petition: No Toxic Pesticides on School Grounds

Please take a moment to sign. If you regularly read this blog, you know that pesticides are linked not only to childhood cancer but to autism, ADHD, lower IQs, birth defects, auto-immune disease, and more. 

"Nearly every American would agree that we should do everything possible to keep our children healthy and safe. Ironically, our children’s schoolyards and athletic playing fields are typically covered in poisons - a toxic mixture of pesticides used to kill fungus, weeds, and insects. There are currently no federal laws to prohibit pesticides used to improve the cosmetic appearance of lawns on school grounds.

"Of the 36 most common pesticides used in lawn care, 14 are probable carcinogens, 15 are linked with birth defects, 21 with reproductive effects, 24 with neurotoxicity, 22 with liver or kidney damage, and 34 are irritants. 

"Children are especially sensitive to the harmful effects of pesticides. Children between the ages of 6-11 show higher levels of pesticides in their blood than people of any other age category. Unfortunately, their developing organ systems make them less able to detoxify chemicals than adults. A study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute shows that exposure to home and garden pesticides increases the risk of childhood leukemia by 7 times. Even low levels of exposure to lawn pesticides are linked to nervous and endocrine system disruption, immune suppression, and asthma.

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