Survey: Children's Environmental Health

I am very pleased to announce that I will be serving my MPH internship at my first choice institution: The Great Lakes Center for Children's Environmental Health at UIC's School of Public Health. The Center is our region's Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit (PEHSU), supported by the EPA and the ATSDR. I will be conducting an educational outreach on children's environmental health.

In advance of this work, I am piloting a survey about people's perceptions of their children's environmental health in their specific neighborhoods. I would be very grateful if people would give this survey a try. I am new both to Survey Monkey and to the discipline of Public Health; please save your energies for a more complete measure someday in the future! :-)

Feel free, even if you do not have children but have an opinion about environmental health in your area, to answer on behalf of the children in your life, or in your neighborhood.

Thank you!